ania kolakowska


I am very happy that we can meet you on my website.

My name is Ania. I have been teaching Italian for several years Italia is a place of my great fascination.

I love the sun, Italian mountains and food. I also admire the Italian way of life - the ability to experience the moment.

I invite you on a journey to BEL PAESE.

I will help you learn the language but I will also open myself to the richness of culture.





Per insegnare bisogna emozionare. Molti però pensano ancora che se ti diverti non impari.

Maria Montessori

Student opinions


My cooperation with Ms Ania has been going on for two years and there are certainly several dozen Italian lessons behind me. We rarely meet a teacher so passionate, intelligent with whom we can discuss various topics, from various fields, at a high level. She is a great teacher and a great person.

Ania is always punctual, methodically well prepared, and our lessons are pure pleasure and a way to spend my free time. As an adult person who knows 3 foreign languages, I have many years of learning behind me and I really sincerely recommend everyone to develop their skills in Italian under the supervision of Ms Ania.

Italian is my hobby and thanks to Ms Ania I will be passing Cell 3, so the effects of our work are huge. Classes are conducted in such a way as to use the time most efficiently.

Ms Ania knows how to effectively and effectively teach both in face to face and online classes. The lessons are interesting and structured in such a way that there is no time for boredom.

I consider each of our lessons to be a great time and money well invested. Mrs. Ania is an effective teacher. The working methods are very modern and interesting.

Now it's time for you - if you are looking for the highest quality education for yourself, regardless of your age, do not hesitate, because you have come to the right place.

I recommend it from the heart


I highly recommend lessons with Ania. Italian lessons  are a real pleasure, because Ania is always well prepared to teach. Before the class, I know what we are going to do, what I think is a plus, because I can fully prepare for them. The classes are online, but Ania uses interesting methods of transferring her knowledge, which is why this type of learning does not differ much from the live lessons, and I gain time that I do not waste on transport.


My name is Miłosz, I am 14 years old and Italian is my next foreign language, which is my passion, as is the country where it is spoken.

Mrs. Ania is a teacher who not only perfectly communicates her knowledge of this language, but also about the culture and traditions of Italy.

Each lesson is a nice time that passes me too quickly. It is fun and fun, and the exercises I do always help me understand and practice the subject. I gain a lot from each lesson, we use a lot of online tools and interactive exercises.

I recommend lessons with Ania to everyone. She is kind and very understanding and the online lessons are really of a high standard.


Mrs. Ania has been teaching me Italian since 2018. I am 12 years old and Italian is my second foreign language. She is a nice and always smiling teacher. Her lessons are always interesting and they pass very quickly and I get a lot out of them. During the classes we use a variety of online materials. I can see great progress in communicating in this language and I am really looking forward to the next lessons. It is not my duty, but having a good time.